Comments about people's experiences with GoldStract oils and dab jellies. These are all genuine feedback from real people — we couldn't possibly make this stuff up!

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"Our close friend is dying from breast cancer and we've started taking shifts to be with her and manage her pain. The GoldStract concentrates have been a life saver for her pain!! I witnessed her using it yesterday. It was quite dramatic (in a good way)."

                                                                            — Eloise Theisen, MSN, RN, AGPCNP-BC, founder of Green Health Consultants


"The color is so beautiful. I love how much it tastes like smoking flowers." — Stacey G.

"After trying GoldStract, I could never go back to another brand of extracts." — Robin L.

"Why doesn't it taste like chemicals? Why can't other companies figure this out?" — Rebecca W.

"My wife suffers from significant pain from Fibromyalgia that causes near constant discomfort and sometimes debilitating pain. Traditional opioid pharmaceutical pain medication is not effective and she is wary of it being addictive. We have tried several different Cannabis extracts but none worked as well as Goldstract jelly mixed with moisturizer. We combined 2 g of Obama OG with 6.8 ounces (~200 g) of moisturizer and mixed well, then applied one teaspoon on her hands and one teaspoon on her feet. It took a half hour to take effect and the result was better pain relief than any pharmaceutical or other Cannabis extract had given her. A small reapplication on her ankles after two hours enabled a restful night’s sleep, something that has been rare for her. Thanks Goldstract!" — Ray H.



"It was like night and day, like going from being a zombie and 'when can I take my next pill?' to actually being able to participate in life."


"Six years ago I had an accident and herniated a disk in my upper neck. The doctors had to take out the disk and replace it with a couple of pieces of metal. The pain was unbearable, so they put me on heavy-duty narcotics: oral morphine, fentanyl patches [used mainly by cancer patients] — a lot of the really big guns. I was on them for three years and it was awful. You don’t have a life. Your thoughts aren’t clear. You’re like a zombie. And lots of bad side effects. When a pill would wear off, I'd get really cranky and if I didn’t have any more pills it was a big problem. I was miserable.

"I tried marijuana to deal with the breakthrough pain and it helped with that and also with the upset stomach, headaches, and other side effects the pain medicine was causing. So I decided to go cold turkey off my pain meds. Withdrawal is definitely not fun. But the marijuana helped me get through that too. It’s now been three years that I’ve been off the narcotics.

"And I’ve gotten my life back. When I was coming off the narcotics, my friends said, “You know, every day you seem more and more like yourself.” I completed grad school, got a job. It was like night and day, like going from being a zombie and “when can I take my next pill?” to actually being able to participate in life.

"I’ve probably tried all of the concentrates out there, and GoldStract is the best I’ve found. I could medicate on something that tastes horrible if it had a good effect, but there’s no reason to if I have something with a good taste and smell. And I like the fact that it is organic and pure, with no additives. The non-medical things about it are wonderful too. I don’t just get the mind high – I get a full body high that stays with me longer, so I don’t have to smoke so often.

"I highly recommend these products." — Anne B.

"I mean, the OG dab jelly smells just like good weed. And it tastes like heaven." — John S.

"The Blue Dream is, like whoa. It makes my eyebrows go uuuupp!" — Peter M.

"I had the unfortunate experience of squirting hand sanitizer directly into my eye. With an alcohol content greater than 60%, one can only imagine the unbearable stinging and pain I encountered. After being treated by an eye doctor, I was prescribed antibiotics and lubricating drops to aid in the healing process, but there was little that could be done in minimizing the irritation and pain. All I wanted to do was rest. Luckily I had GoldStract available to me; it was a godsend. The Alchemist at GoldStract recommended "Lavender."  So I tried it and was able to immediately relax. The Lavender caused the pain to subside and I was able to sleep and get the rest I needed to heal. I highly recommend GoldStract. It helped me immensely." — Karla J.