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Below is a sampling of some strains we work with. Please be aware that because we choose to work with small, artisanal farmers, availability will vary from time to time. Please contact us for a current list of available inventory at


Sativa-dominant hybrid

Taste: blueberry, fruity, sweet, earthy, spicy, musky
Feel: alert, creative, positive, relaxed
        This popular hybrid originated in California, making it one of the most popular strains on the West Coast. You’ll feel the Sativa effects strongly in your alertness and creativity, but also experience full body relaxation from its Indica lineage. Coming from the Blueberry and Silver Haze strains, Blue Dream has a balanced taste of fruity, spicy, and earthy. If you’re looking for a strain to keep you highly functional, Blue Dream is just what the doctor ordered.


Sativa-dominant hybrid

Taste: lemon, citrus, fruity, tangy, sweet
Feel: creative, happy, euphoric, body buzz, relaxed, talkative
        The cotton candy reference may remind you of boardwalks and carnivals, and this sweet sherbet smelling strain will help you feel as lighthearted as those summer nights! The effects will vary between happiness and a dreamy euphoria, but all will be long-lasting and perfect for recharging your mind and spirit after a long week. It’s a common pick for those struggling with stress and depression, and the relieving effects can work wonders for body pain and headaches as well.


Sativa-dominant hybrid

Taste: berry, sweet, tart, earthy
Feel: creative, focused, clear-mind, uplifted, happy
         If you’re looking for something to get you through the day while remaining highly functional, Cherry Bomb is a great go-to for those wanting a mild to moderate high. The hybrid comes from a combination of the Indica North American, and the Sativa Hawaiian. Because it can create a clear mind and help you focus, this is often a popular pick for daytime highs that won’t interrupt your day, but elevate it to its fullest potential. Cherry Bomb is a good treatment for pain, stress, general anxiety, and although it does not typically produce a sleepy or tranquil feeling, some find it helps with insomnia.



Taste: sweet, berry, diesel, tart, grape
Feel: euphoric, relaxed, positive, energetic, uplifted
          Cherry Diesel is a great hybrid for anyone who feels themselves starting crack under pressure and needs a quick pick me up. Coming from a combination of Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel, you’ll get a taste that’s true to both of its parents: sweet and fruity alongside a sour diesel tang. Many say that this strain hits a nice head-high early on, but give it an hour or two and you’ll start to feel some additional euphoric effects which don’t always activate immediately. Depending on what you might be struggling with, Cherry Diesel is a wonderful pick to get you out of a funk, clear your head, or let the everyday pressures fall away, while still remaining focused and productive.


Indica-dominant hybrid

Taste: fruity, pine, citrus, pine
Feel: euphoric, cheerful, talkative, relaxed
         Sometimes known as Cherry Pie, this strain has complex aromas and flavors making it an engaging experience. The overall smell gives off an earthy, musty, and even grass-like aroma, but at your first inhale, you’re hit with a fruity and zesty flavor that can sometimes have a slightly sour aftertaste. The smooth hit brings a relaxing body buzz, typical of Indica strains, but is coupled with an uplifting head high that will keep you feeling sociable and relaxed – perfect for those struggling with social anxiety, stress, or depression.


Sativa-dominant hybrid

Taste: wheat, tree sap, grass, tropical
Feel: euphoric, cheerful, relaxed, happy
         A Sativa hybrid fit for royalty - Cinderella 99, C99, or even “Cindy” if you’re on a first name basis, is a slow-smoking bud that will lure you in with its slightly sweet cinnamon and earthy scents. Once you take a hit you’ll taste the sappy and tropical flavors but still get that nostalgic skunk-like aftertaste. Cindy delivers a strong and lingering head-high for times when you’re feeling down or anxious, but its Sativa dominance also provides a cheerful and energetic mood boost.



Taste: citrus, vanilla, sweet, floral, fresh
Feel: head-high, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, happy
          Don’t be intimidated by its striking name. Death Star’s lasting high is easy and smooth to enjoy. The bold aroma can fill a room with skunky and pine-like scent, but its sweet, floral, and vanilla flavors make this an effortless hit. Former winner of the Medical Cannabis Cup and the Cannabis Cup, the euphoric effects are clearly a common crowd pleaser, but Death Star is also perfect for those seeking to relieve pain, stress, or anxiety.


Indica-dominant hybrid — high CBD 10:1

Taste: fruity, spicy, pine, sour
Feel: relaxed, creative, calm, hungry, euphoric
         The high CBD Harlequin strain is a miracle for many patients, and when paired with the Indica Hope Springs strain, our blend creates an optimal effect for both pain relief and a light body buzz. With 56% CBD and just under 6% THC, Hope Springs/Harley won’t give you much of a head high, but instead will focus on addressing physical relief for various maladies, often accompanied by a calming sensation in the absence of chronic pain. The aroma can be quite earthy, while the taste is a palate-awakening combination of fruity and spicy notes – this strain offers a complex aroma profile, but an easy and enjoyable strain for those seeking a non-psychoactive approach to pain relief.



Taste: pine, lemon, earthy
Feel: energetic, happy, creative, alert
         Named after the legalization activist, and author, this strain is iconic to the world of Cannabis. With its smooth inhale and mind-clearing head high, Jack is a common daytime strain for those looking to ease anxiety and stress but still remain functional and active. With a sharp and zesty flavor, favorable effects, and slow ease into your high, it’s no surprise that Jack Herer has been the winner of Cannabis, Highlife, Medical, and Spannabis Cups, and an overall crowd favorite.



Taste: skunky, floral, tropical, sweet
Feel: calm, happy, sleepy
          The Lavender strain may leave you feeling like you’ve just spent the day at a spa…calm and very relaxed. Its complex flavonoids come from the diverse lineage of Skunk, Hawaiian, South Asian Indica, and Afghani Kush. You’ll certainly taste some sweet notes but they balance out well with the floral and earthy components. You can count on Lavender to leave you feeling tranquil for times when you need to reset.


Indica-dominant hybrid

Taste: fruity, citrus, floral, sweet, earthy
Feel: euphoric, relaxed, hungry, creative, happy
          A combination of the Mango and Pineapple strains, this unique Mendocino blend offers a naturally fruity taste, without any infused flavors. This strain tends to lean more towards the Indica side with its relaxed and soothing physical effects. However, it can also be quite mindfully uplifting and works well as a mood-booster for those working with depression (or just another case of the Mondays). Mango Pineapple has a delightfully floral and tropical aroma, and is a perfect pick for a smooth hit to a lasting body buzz.


Sativa-dominant hybrid

Taste: sweet, berry, grape
Feel: creative, happy, energetic, body buzz
         Mendo Dream is another one of our Mendocino specific strains, if you couldn’t tell already by the name. Its parents are the popular Mendocino Purps with Blue Dream. While this has some of the Sativa effects such as feeling energetic and creative, you can also find yourself coming down from the initial high with a sleepy or relaxed feeling. This strain is quite transferrable, it works great for daytime, but also won’t keep you up and night.


Indica-dominant hybrid

Taste: tropical, sweet, pine
Feel: uplifted, giggly, happy
         This Mendocino-specific blend of Mango has a refreshing taste and a strong hit. The fruity mango flavor is followed by pine and kush aftertastes. Its sweet and earthy tones make Mendo Mango easy to enjoy, but remember that this one packs a punch! You’ll feel the uplifted effects for hours, making it a popular choice for those struggling with depression or anxiety, or even if you just want to feel a little giggly.



Taste: caramel popcorn, toffee, wood, earthy
Feel: couch-lock, relaxed, calm, sleepy
        Looking for a power couple? Look no further than the combination of Obama OG and its equally famous Sour Diesel counterpart. With Obama-Diesel you’ll get some of that fast acting high from the citrusy Sour Diesel, but mellowed out by the well-balanced and nutty nature of Obama. While smoking, you’ll envelope yourself with sweet honey and fruity scents, but the taste will be more along the lines of hazelnut and caramel. True to its Sativa background, this hybrid can give you a creative boost of energy that will mellow out to a relaxed and tranquil effect. Obama OG/Sour Diesel can be quite potent, so while some seek it out to relieve stress and anxiety it can also create a couch-lock effect for when you need to really decompress.


Sativa-dominant hybrid

Taste: berry, citrus, pine, sweet
Feel: relaxed, euphoric, clear-mind, focused
         This medley blend comes from the west-coast favorite, OG Kush, combined with Blue Dream. Common effects are relaxation and relief from stress and depression, allowing the consumer to enjoy their days more fully and in a happier state of mind. However, due to the strong effects it can have on relieving stress, some often feel more of an Indica result even though it is genetically a Sativa-dominant hybrid. While effects can vary by person, there’s no doubt you’ll love the combination of the sweet smell with the earthy and berry-like after taste.



Taste: earthy, sour, skunk citrus, sweet, pine
Feel: social, cheerful, euphoric, happy
          One of the most recognizable names in the game, this strain originated out of SoCal in the 90’s and quickly gained popularity. The complex sweet and sour notes make this easy to enjoy. The first taste will feel slightly sweet but the lingering aromas have a tart vibe, perfect to follow up with another hit. You’ll experience euphoria and cheerfulness while also being hit with that full body buzz to last you all day.


Taste: blueberry, fruity, earthy, nutty, sweet
Feel: happy, relaxed, euphoric
        True to its name, the Shishka strain is filled with fruity flavors and berry aromas — the plant itself even having a purple hue. Although it has a predominately sweet taste, it has mild earthy undertones which translate well to smoking and vaporizing without any harshness.  A sensational calming and euphoric feeling will envelope your body for an overall happy and relaxed experience. While it’s most commonly used for stress, Shishka also works great for depression, fatigue, and anxiety.


Taste: lemon, citrus, fuel, tart
Feel: happy, euphoric, creative, alert
        No doubt you’ve heard of this popular strain before — its fuel and citrus scent and taste are unmistakable. A few hits of this can fill a room with the lemon and diesel aroma which goes so perfectly with its strong Sativa effects. Many feel a burst of energy with a euphoric and positive effect to boost your mood even more. It’s a wonderful pick for fast-acting creative inspiration, or relief from stress and anxiety.


Taste: lemon, citrus, earthy, sweet
Feel: happy, uplifted, energetic, talkative, social
          It sounds like the name of the latest superhero, and basically could be considering its strong psychoactive effects, and wonderful medical uses. Being a full Sativa strain leaves the consumer feeling a full-body high with long-lasting and consistent energizing and uplifted vibes. Super Silver Haze is also a three-time Cannabis Cup winner, and its transition into an oil using GoldStract’s extraction process retains all of those award-winning components. While it’s perfect for making you feel as powerful as a superhero, it also commonly treats fatigue, nausea, and lack of appetite.

Indica-dominant hybrid — high CBD 40:1

Taste: tropical, earthy, zesty, spicy
Feel: relaxed, euphoric, happy
         Swiss Harley OG, a medley of the popular Harlequin and OG strains, is one of the best for those seeking CBD treatment. Frequent medical uses include migraines, pain, inflammation, and stress, but we continue to hear new anecdotes about other significant medical benefits it offers. While the taste is flavorful, and our oils allow for a smooth hit, keep in mind that this strain will not produce a strong head high or body buzz. With 62% CBD and just under 2% THC, it is more geared towards pinpointing medicinal problems and different pains. That being said, for those dealing with chronic illness, finding relief in Swiss Harley/OG has been a high of its own!