GoldStract products are created from organic, sun-grown Cannabis tended by artisanal farmers in Northern California. We have 20+ years of experience in creating neutraceutical-quality botanical extracts. Our custom-built supercritical CO2 equipment, experience, knowledge, patents, and trade secrets enable us to capture the full essence of the plant — and keep the highest levels of aroma, taste, and potency. No pesticides, fungicides, or other chemicals are used in growing the plants. No butane, propane, or other harmful chemicals are used during our process. No glycerine, propylene glycol, or anything else is added to effect viscosity. We add no terpenoids or flavinoids. Our products are the plant, the whole plant, and nothing but the plant.

Mother Nature knows what she is doing. We are simply passing her work along to you in concentrated form.

All of our products are analyzed by an independent lab, and every package is labeled with a lot number. To see the full lab report for your product, enter the lot number in the search bar on the Home page. To see a sample lab report, click here.


The Experience of Flower, the Ease of Vaping.

Flower Pen is not just another Cannabis cartridge. It’s unique — a total plant extract that nobody else can create. GoldStract essences capture the plant’s fullest expression, keeping Cannabis's full entourage of interacting components — the elements that make Cannabis the precious plant that it is. Flower Pen is superior quality dab jelly that has been especially created to work in a cartridge: Best effect, best taste, best aroma. Learn more.

GoldStract Premium Oil Cartridge

Pre-filled glass cartridge with the best Cannabis oil on the market. As with all of our concentrates, no harmful chemicals are used in growing the plant or in extraction. And nothing is added. It’s just what Mother Nature gives us.


24K Oil Cartridge

Pre-filled oil cartridge also with the best Cannabis oil on the market.

Oil Applicator: To refill your cartridge with our wide variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.


Dab Jelly Refill Pack: Perfect for dab rigs and portable dab pens.

Dab Jelly Refill Pack: Perfect for dab rigs and portable dab pens.

Dab Jelly Variety Pack: A sample of 4 different dab jellies in 1/2 gram jars plus a handy-dandy dab spoon.