The Experience of Flower, the Ease of Vaping

The GoldStract Flower Pen may look like just another Cannabis oil cartridge. But it’s not. The content of the Flower Pen is an extract unique to GoldStract, a pure concentrate that nobody else can create. It is dab jelly that has been painstakingly created to work in an oil cartridge. Flower Pens preserve the effects, aromas, and flavors contained in each strain of Cannabis. And we do it naturally.

Cannabis oil is more refined and thinner than Cannabis dab jelly. It has to be in order to get a liquid thin enough to work in oil cartridges. To achieve this viscosity, most companies either remove components of the plant or add something that will make it thinner — usually glycerine or propylene glycol. After making their oils, some companies then add terpenes and/or falvonoids (yes, you can buy them in a bottle) to enhance the aroma and taste of their products.

That is not the GoldStract way.

The GoldStract team has been on a 20+year journey to create the finest Cannabis extracts in the world. This journey wove through exotic botanical extractions in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Europe, and the US — and taught us a lot about plants and how to treat them. Drawing on the knowledge gained from these experiences, we tailor-made our supercritical CO2 equipment to be optimized for Cannabis essences. The result is concentrates that preserve the full expression of the plant, allowing the components that make up Cannabis to interact as nature intended them to.

It’s called the “entourage effect.” Like any living thing, Cannabis is very complex, with intricate interactions between its hundreds of components. When you smoke flowers, you are getting all of the components, the whole entourage. That produces a certain kind of experience — one that cannot be replicated when components are removed.

Labs analyze the contents of extracts as a percentage of total mass. The only way to get a higher percentage of THC by mass is to eliminate other parts of the total mass — other parts of the “entourage.” We don’t do that because we believe that everything in the plant contributes to the unique experience of particular strains. Leaving the other natural components in place has a synergistic effect on the way your body and mind experience the material. (For more about the entourage effect and other information about Cannabis, THC, etc., please see Ask The Alchemist.)

When you purchase a Cannabis extract, the most important thing is of course the concentrate itself. But the cartridge matters too — and more than you might think. Most cartridges have quite a large effect on the taste and aroma of the material they hold, and not for the better. We tested dozens and dozens of cartridges before we found the glass ones we fill for Flower Pens — cartridges that let the concentrate come through unadulterated.

We have worked hard, and done many experiments, to provide you with the most complete, convenient, and effective experience of Cannabis. And we continue to. We strongly believe that Mother Nature’s creation should be treated with respect, and passed along with purity. All of our products reflect that belief and hard work. And Flower Pens are the crown of our creations — the plant, the whole plant, and nothing but the plant.

Please note: We recommend using a 3.5 - 3.8 volt battery with Flower Pens. For information about using a push-button battery, please click here.